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Logistics, Transportation Procurement Services and Solutions

Logistics and transportation sourcing, benchmarking services including RFP software and reporting tools solutions

Logistics Procurement-RFx Lifecycle

Sybr can complete your logistics and transportation Procurement-RFx (RFI, RFP, RFQ) projects from conception to implementation. Our team of experienced Supply Chain and procurement professionals coupled with young creative minds are more than capable of exceeding your logistics and transportation procurement services need. Whether your objective is to reduce costs, cost avoidance and/or improving service levels- we have a proven track record of saving organizations money through our Procurement-RFx Lifecycle process. We establish baselines, discuss short and long-term sourcing strategy with the right mix of carriers/brokers (3PL services) for your transportation network; all while keeping in mind procurement best practices, Business Continuity, and service requirements.

Take advantage of our Sybr qualified carrier network (e.g. C-TPAT/PIP if applicable, insurance requirements, the minimum number of years in business, fleet size, safety level thresholds, etc.) compromising of hundreds of FTL, LTL, Rail/Intermodal carriers/brokers and dozens of Ocean carriers/freight forwarders. In addition to procurement of transportation services, we certainly provide solutions for your general logistics procurement needs- warehousing, Transloading and distribution including package optimization.

    • Identify Needs & Requirements
    • RFx Document Creation (RFI, RFQ, RFP, including NDA)
    • Market Analysis & Trends­- establish expectations; know the best time to release your tender and implement procurement best practices.
    • Sourcing- eliminate time wasted by inefficient, time-consuming sourcing methods by utilizing our robust carrier network. We are constantly searching and interviewing the field and will also work with your incumbents.
    • Data Validation- ensure accurate and complete data for RFx participants.
    • Communication- full coordination and communication throughout the lifecycle and beyond (if required).
    • S.A.V.E. (Simulation, Analysis, Validation & Evaluation)– Sybr Vision– dynamic, fully automated in-house transportation procurement software tools specifically tailored for your organization’s needs. Sybr Vision tools/optimization models (using advanced mathematical algorithms) take into account transportation specific constraints. Our tools provide you with core scenarios (e.g. cheapest scenario, most cost-effective feasible scenario, incumbents only, etc.), always taking into consideration your baseline and expectations. They give you the ability to create your own customizable scenarios with ease. Sybr Vision tools carefully vet any possible errors and omissions. Moreover, they identify carriers/brokers that attempt to “buy into the business”. Feel free to also take advantage of Sybr’s access to eProcurement software.
    • Negotiation- we always negotiate to help you get the best possible outcome. Furthermore, we bring out-of-the-box approaches such as dynamic volume-break pricing, inbound/outbound volume fulfillment for the carrier, etc. This also provides a much more transparent service commitment as carriers are able to commit to capacity with Sybr’s centralized approach.

transportation procurement negotiation strategy

  • Contracts
  • Training
  • Closing & Monitoring- fulfillment of service levels and pricing including carrier scorecard, KPI dashboard development.


“Sybr’s been able to achieve anywhere from 4% to upwards of 17% in real savings for our clients’ transportation RFPs. In some cases, these savings were obtained even when the market was dictating cost increases.”



How do your contract and spot rates compare to the market?

Our experts will analyze your freight rates (and transit times) to similar-sized companies (in volume, by lane) including most competitive rates within our network. We provide detailed reports informing you of your rankings as well as areas of opportunity. Whether you require Ocean, FTL, LTL, Rail/Intermodal, Domestic (US/Canada) or Cross-border— our benchmarking expertise can deliver great value for your organization. We also offer benchmarking services for carriers, from whom we’ve heard numerous times, “we’re all within 10%” yet continue to fall short with many of their RFP bids.

In addition to transportation rate benchmarking, Sybr offers procurement process and software tools evaluation, auditing services. A full assessment of your sourcing strategy effectiveness and efficiency including a detailed report on your procurement software tools. Whether your in-house tools provide valid, fully optimal results or if your software purchased for thousands of dollars is justified compared to similar performing tools available.

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Market Intelligence

Many factors can influence the market. A driver shortage may be impacting rates, but, to what extent? How will mandatory technology implementations affect the transportation market? What is the probability of another port strike and how will it impact your organization? What’s the latest on another potential ocean carrier merger and how will it impact transportation risk levels?

Let our transportation procurement specialists advise you on your position; whether you are entering a major transportation RFP bid or simply looking for general direction. Sybr specializes in Ocean, FTL, LTL and Rail/Intermodal freight procurement strategy. We advise on actual trends and how they are truly affecting rates, capacity and service. We won’t offer you general info. articles via Google related searches. Sybr will deliver insight into what our organization is observing through tangible bids and practices.

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Procurement-RFx Tools & Solutions

Sybr Vision- dynamic, fast, fully automated and easy to use in-house tools/models specifically tailored for your organization’s freight Procurement-RFx project needs. Our tools take into consideration transportation specific constraints. You will be provided with core scenarios (e.g. cheapest scenario, most cost-effective feasible/optimal scenario, incumbents only, etc.), always taking into consideration your baseline and expectations including the ability to create your own scenarios. Furthermore, we design and create transportation operations tools in order to allocate freight in the most effective and efficient manner.

“Our freight allocation tools are currently in production allocating over $100 million USD on an annual basis for major tier-1 retailers. It’s an achievement we’re very proud of.”

All our tools are integrated with reporting capabilities providing you with scenario and carrier specific variance reports. Take advantage of our cutting edge tools that are second to none!

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Scorecard, Reporting Design and Development

Looking for more effective scorecards and reports? Need easy to use yet advanced reporting tools developed outside of a typical RFx project? Ineffective and inaccurate reports are often the cause of many wrong business decisions. Most analysts lack the development expertise, experience, and creativity in order to build effective reports with full KPI investigation and integration.

Sybr design and development experts can deliver. Whether it’s Access, Excel, VBA, .Net, Linear Simplex Programming or C#, we have the custom solution for your carrier scorecard (spend, claims, refusals, pickup performance, etc.), executive KPI dashboards and data quality monitoring needs. We provide highly advanced tools, training, and SOPs.

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