About Us

Logistics, Transportation Procurement & Advisory

Sybr understands that every organization has specific requirements for their operations and procurement projects. Whether you are a small business or large-scale corporation, we service and deliver solutions for all your Transportation and Logistics Procurement related needs- no matter the scope.

We have practical, real-world experience in Transportation and Logistics Procurement in Canada and the U.S. with a proven track record of achieving outstanding results for our clients.  Our team of experienced Supply Chain and procurement professionals coupled with young creative minds will provide you with insight, ideas— and deliver the best possible results for your organization. We won’t waste your time with irrational and unattainable scenarios and we certainly won’t offer you general consulting practices that do not apply to Transportation and Logistics.

Transportation, Logistics Procurement and Advisory is what we do and it’s what we love to do! Find out more by visiting our Services and Solutions page. We thank you for your interest and look forward to your business.
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